• Gergana Gerdzhikova

    “ I highly recommend Aspex Lux for their exceptional financial consulting services. Working in the last few years with Alesia I recommend her as an accounting expert with exemplary accounting coaching. She is providing personalized guidance and mentorship. Her ability to analyse complex financial data allows her to offer tailored solutions that optimize financial performance and drive business growth. Choosing Aspex Lux means gaining access to suite of services, encompassing accounting coaching, directorship, and financial consulting. Their commitment to excellence and personalized approach make them the ideal partner for businesses seeking expert financial guidance and sustainable growth.”

    Gergana Gerdzhikova
  • Georges Sinakhonelath

    “Highly recommend ASPEX LUX - Financial Consulting ! Knowing Alesia from previous professional experience where she had excellent reputation amongst clients and colleagues in accounting, she is committed/dedicated and passionated to help developping your business and answer all the questions regarding tax and accounting.”

    Georges Sinakhonelath
  • Rachid Echafaqi

    “I highly recommend ASPEX LUX and its consultant Alesia to anyone. I have known her for the last 5 years and always found her, not only knowledgeable, efficient, reliable, but also professional and extremely helpful person. Whenever I faced a question in Accounting, Tax or VAT, she was very proactive in assisting me and answered in full and easy to make me understand terminology and processes . At no point she made me feel silly for asking.”

    Rachid Echafaqi
  • Katerina Shchadrova

    “That was a pleasure to work with Alesia. Beeing a non-financial person in Luxembourg is tough. When I saw Alesia‘s workshop on Taxes for Entrepreneurs and Small businesses in Luxembourg, I was thrilled to take it asap. The information is very clearly presented. My take over from the course was - good overview about the tax and accounting regulations and requirements in Luxembourg and where I can find important information if needed. Highly recommend Alesia‘s workshops!”

    Katerina Shchadrova